Why Auctions Work
  • Highest and best price. The only way of knowing the absolute value for your painting is to allow the open market (consisting of hundreds of qualified buyers) to determine the highest price. Why take the risk of selling outright when each auction we hold continues to set new record prices?

  • Transparency. A sale is transparent when both the seller and buyer are well informed, period. Sellers have access to all relevant facts and can witness the sale of their consigned art in an open forum, thereby removing any doubt as to as actual selling price obtained. This fact may be an important consideration for trustee(s) of an estate, or other individuals who have fiduciary obligations.

  • Time tested. Greek historian Herodotus recorded the use of auctions in 500 B.C; the Romans used auctions extensively, as it was the most logical and efficient means of selling property. Today, internet technology has closed the gap in time and distance, enabling worldwide bidder participation. Billions of dollars in property change hands each year at auction. Over the millennia one thing has remained constant: Auctions are the most competitive and exciting method for selling property.

  • Fast payment. We pay our consignors 30 days from the time of sale, or less. In certain circumstances, immediate cash advances are available on consigned paintings.

  • Low Commissions. John Moran Auctioneers has among the lowest seller commissions in the business and without any ‘hidden fees’. Our commission to sellers includes of all of our services, and we never charge you a fee if your painting fails to sell.