John Moran Announces October 21, 2008, California and American Paintings Sale

John Moran Auctioneers is pleased to offer 200 works by important California and American artists at their October 21, 2008 auction. Among them will be two works by Hovsep Pushman (1877 – 1966): a nocturne titled “In the Moonlight (lighting the lanterns)” and an exemplary still life titled “Immortality No. 422”. Born in Armenia in 1877, Pushman studied art in Constantinople before immigrating to the United States around 1894. After teaching in Chicago for a time he continued his art studies in Paris, studying under Lefebvre and Robert-Fleury. He also toured Asia, where he became fascinated by Oriental mysticism. This influence would dominate his work for the rest of his career. Settling in NYC in 1919, where he lived until the end of his life, he began to focus largely on Oriental-themed still lifes, also painting figures in Oriental costume. His still lifes are allegorical works featuring symbolic objects- typically one or more Oriental idols, ancient ceramic and glass objects such as plates and vases, and delicate sprays of blossoms, all arranged against harmonious backgrounds and bathed in a soft light enhanced with deep shadows. Quietly yet forcefully, these compositions evoke a range of emotion and convey a profound spirituality. Pushman’s impressive ability to create a contemplative mood and an air of mystery through rich color, light and shadow, along with his extremely high technical standards, are on full display in both of the works on offer in October.

Other highlights of the October auction include a still life of oranges wrapped in tissue paper by William J. McCloskey, and works by Paul De Longpre, Granville Redmond, Birger Sandzen, Franz Bischoff, Jessie Arms Botke, Jack Wilkinson Smith, William F. Jackson, Arthur Hill Gilbert, Maurice Braun, Elmer Wachtel, Anna Hills, Ransome Holdredge, Joe Duncan Gleason, and Hanson Puthuff. John Moran holds the current record high price for a work by McCloskey, achieved at their February, 2008 auction.